Reflexology by Nicole Rothman, Certified Reflexologist

Nicole has studied and practiced reflexology since 2000. After receiving her certification through the American Academy of Reflexology in 2010, she relocated to Los Angeles from the Bay Area. Along with her interest in health, Chinese medicine and Alternative healing, Nicole is deeply concerned and committed to her clients' well-being and health. Her passion for reflexology makes it an exciting service now offered at The Humble Abode Spa.

30 minutes……hands or feet….46.

45 minutes……hands, feet, or both….65.

60 minutes……hands, feet, or both….80.

75 minutes…..hands and feet….100.

90 minutes…..hands and feet….120.


Like acupuncture, reflexology has been practiced by the Chinese for over 5,000 years, but it was only introduced to the States in the early part of this century.

It is a holistic healing modality based o the premise that there are “reflexes” or specific points on the feet, hands and outer ears, which correspond to the internal organs, glands and body parts. When they are palpated, it creates a specific relaxation response in the corresponding organ or body part.

When there is tenderness or sensitivity in the hand or foot, it may indicate some congestion or blockage in the area to which this reflex corresponds. The objective is to work the reflex to lessen or dissipate the congestion. Working slowly and gently at first and then increasing the pressure with regard to the client’s tolerance is often highly effective.

While not a substitute for medical care, research studies have shown reflexology to be beneficial for a variety of conditions, including tension headaches, digestive disorders, insomnia, sinus allergies, back/neck/shoulder pain, PMS and stress-related conditions, The specific techniques used in a session help the body to detoxify by encouraging lymphatic drainage and the elimination of toxins trapped in the tissues.

Reflexology reduces stress and tension in the body and promotes deep relaxation. A few sessions should leave you feeling lighter, clear-headed and revitalized in body, mind and spirit. To your health!

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